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Website Conditions


Conditions relating to the use of this web site

Trailblaze Trailers makes all reasonable efforts to ensure that all information provided through all of its web sites published on the internet are accurate at the time of inclusion.

However; occasionally we may make inadvertent errors, including typographical errors for which we apologise. Information may also be updated or changed at any time without notice and as such Trailblaze Trailers reserves the right to make changes and corrections at any time, without notice.

Trailblaze Trailers accepts no liability for any direct, special, indirect or consequential damages, or any other damages of whatsoever kind resulting from whatever cause through the use of any information obtained either directly or indirectly from any of the Trailblaze Trailers web sites.


Prices and Payment

All prices and charges on this site are in UK pounds. They exclude any VAT payable, delivery and any annual servicing costs or any other charges unless stated - See Terms and Conditions of Sale - Trailers.

The total cost of your order will be the price of the products you order, any additional services you choose (e.g. delivery), plus any other applicable charges such as VAT. All these will be set out clearly in the paperwork you receive from your sales advisor at the time of your order.

Prices, offers and products are subject to availability and may change before (but not after) we accept your order and any deposit has been cleared. If something becomes unavailable we may offer you an alternative.

IMPORTANT: We try very hard to ensure that all information on this site is accurate. However, just occasionally, an error can occur. If we discover an error in the price or description of a product you have ordered, we may cancel your order at any time up to the point we assign the product or service to you (even if we have we have previously confirmed). We will contact you where we become aware of an error and ask you whether you wish to continue with your order at the correct price or cancel it. If we do cancel your order you will receive a full refund of any charges paid in advance.



We may collect information about your preferences both when you tell us what these are and by analysis of site traffic, including now or in the future cookies and IP addresses. This information may be used to personalise your visits to our website or to provide you with relevant information based on your previous choices or information entered. We may also monitor and collect web traffic data to our site, to be used for statistical and analytical purposes. The Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) (Amendment) Regulations 2011 dictate that we must give you the option of opting in or out of accepting cookies in any and all Trailblaze Trailers websites. When you first visit you will have a message displayed with all options and information allowing you to make a decision based on our websites and your browsing needs. You can configure you're browser not to accept cookies and prevent us from using your information in this way if you want.


Data Protection Information

The information contained in any correspondence with us along with your email address and other details will only be used by Trailblaze Trailers and its officers in order to respond to your particular enquiry. It will not be given to any third party that is not associated with Trailblaze Trailers and its businesses without contacting you in advance. Your details may be retained on file and used to contact you in the future with information that is relevant to Trailblaze Trailers Sales/ Offers and associated accessories etc., at some stage in the future either by post, electronic mail or other methods. This information may be used, for example, to inform you of special promotions, price offers etc. Trailblaze Trailers respects your right of privacy. If you tell us that you do not wish to have this information used we will respect your wishes - should you have any queries or wish to be removed from our list please e-mail us at;


When you give us information about another person you confirm that they have appointed you to act for them, to consent to the processing of their personal data, including sensitive personal data and to the transfer of their information and to receive on their behalf and data protection notice. Trailblaze Trailers sites may contain links to other web sites, the company is not responsible for the content or privacy practices of these web sites. Any links to any other sites does not mean that Trailblaze Trailers endorses or accepts any responsibility for the content or the accuracy of any promotions, offers or information contained therein. That in accessing these or any of Trailblaze Trailers site that you have the necessary protection from viruses or Trojan horses or any other items that may cause malicious damage or construction and have taken all precautionary measures prior to undertaking any downloads etc.

  1. Trailblaze Trailers undertakes to keep any information personally identifying you ("personal information") confidential to itself, financial and the regulatory authorities, on the basis set out below.

  2. Trailblaze Trailers may hold personal information about you:

                 a) which you provide to Trailblaze Trailers when you phone any of our helpdesks or customer service lines

                 b) when you purchase a trailer from us or accessories

                 c) when you make an online enquiry or contact us by email, from our web site or email campaign

      3.   Personal information held about you may be used for the following purposes:

                 a) to enable the Trailblaze Trailers customer service to assist with enquiries and/or process you’re on- going requirements

                 b) to use your information and feedback to enable Trailblaze Trailers to develop their existing products, facilities and services to suit Trailblaze Trailers
                      customer’s practical needs.

                 c) to enable Trailblaze Trailers to contact you with information, news and special offers relevant to your needs as an owner/member, or holiday maker.


Terms and Conditions of Sale - Trailers

No variation of these conditions of sale shall be valid unless in writing and signed by or on behalf of both parties.

  1. Without prejudice to Trailblaze Trailers right to recover damages for breach of contract, no refund of a deposit shall be made where a Purchaser fails to complete a contract to purchase a Trailer without good and valid legal reason, except where an agreement is cancelled under the provision of Clause 4 below (in which event any deposit paid shall be refunded to the Purchaser).

  2. The Trailer shall be at the Purchaser's risk immediately on delivery. The Trailer shall remain the property of Trailblaze Trailers until the price has been discharged in full. A cheque given by the Purchaser in payment shall not be treated as a discharge until the same has been cleared

  3. Notwithstanding the sums for the current taxes inserted in the Agreement, the respective sums payable by the Purchaser in respect thereof shall be the equivalent of such an amount as Trailblaze Trailers has been legally required to pay or us bound to pay and is bound to charge at the time the taxable supply occurs.

  4. Trailblaze Trailers will endeavour to secure delivery of the Trailer by the estimated delivery date (if any), but does not guarantee time of delivery and shall not be liable for any damages or claims of any kind in respect of delay in delivery.If Trailblaze Trailers fail to deliver the Trailer within 28 days of the estimated date ofdelivery stated in this Agreement, the Purchaser may by notice in writing to the Trailblaze Trailers require delivery of the Trailer within 7 days of receipt of such notice.

                                      a)            If the Trailer shall not be delivered to the Purchaser within the said 7 days, the Agreement may be cancelled.

                                      b)            This Agreement and the delivery of the Trailer shall be subject to any terms and conditions which Trailblaze Trailer may from
                                                      time to time lawfully attach to the supply of the Trailer.

                                      c)             Trailblaze Trailers undertakes that he will ensure that the pre-delivery check work specified is performed.

                                      d)             If after the date of this Agreement and before delivery of the Trailer to the Purchaser the recommended prices for the Trailer or
                                                       any goods the subject of this Agreement should be altered, Trailblaze Trailers shall give notice of any such alteration to the
                                                       Purchaser and:

                                                        (i)            in the event of a recommended price increase, the amount of such increase, which Trailblaze Trailers intends to pass
                                                                        to the Purchaser, shall be notified in writing to the Purchaser. The Purchaser shall have the right to cancel the
                                                                        Agreement within 14 days of receipt of such notice. If the Purchaser does not give such notice as aforesaid, the
                                                                        increase in price shall be added to and become part of the Agreement price.

                                                       (ii)            in the event of a recommended price being reduced, the amount of such reduction, if any, which the Trailblaze Trailers
                                                                        intends to allow to the Purchaser shall be notified in writing to the Purchaser.

  5. Used Trailers are not sold subject to or with the benefit of any express Warranty or Guarantee whatsoever, unless agreed in writing between the parties hereto and only upon such terms and conditions in such Warranty or Guarantee.

  6. Notwithstanding the provision of this Agreement, the Purchaser shall be at liberty before the expiry of 7 days after notification to him that the Trailer is ready for delivery to arrange for a Finance Company to purchase the Trailer from Trailblaze Trailers at the price payable hereunder.

  7. Any notice given hereunder must be in writing and sent by post to the residence of the person to whom it is addressed and shall be deemed to have been received in due course of post.

  8. In a non-consumer transaction, Trailblaze Trailers will not accept any liability for any loss of use, downtime or other consequential loss claim whatsoever and however caused or arising.


Trailblaze Trailers Warranty Cover

Total customer satisfaction is top priority at Trailblaze Trailers and the quality ethos extends to the after sales service and manufacturer's warranty that may come with every new Trailblaze Trailer. In this way it may not only ensure long-term peace of mind but also enhance the resale value of your investment.

6 month Body shell Integrity Guarantee

The Trailblaze Trailer integrated monocoque / chassis is covered by a six (6) month Body shell Integrity Guarantee.

6 month Manufacturer's Warranty

For a period of six (6) months from the initial date of purchase, Trailblaze Trailers offer a warranty on most parts and components, as well as full coverage for any manufacturing faults forming part of the original specification of the trailer. The manufacturer's six (6) months warranty extends to the following items:

Integrated monocoque/chassis: all monocoque/chassis members;

Integrated monocoque, nose cone and associated lids: integrated monocoque and monocoque lid, integrated nose cone and nose cone lid, hinges, lockable latches, gas struts and seals (excluding any damage to, or faults in the  integrated monocoque and associated lid, hinges, lockable latches, gas struts and seals, integrated nose cone and associated lid, hinges, lockable latches and seals that are caused through misuse, any drilling or formation of any additional apertures, that are not part of the Trailblaze Trailer base design  (can cause corrosion and leakage), scratches and dents (can cause corrosion and leakage), incorrect usage of trailer or from normal wear and tear.

Running Gear: road wheels (excluding tyres and any damage to, or faults in road wheel rims and wheel bearings that are caused through misuse and incorrect servicing of the bearings and hub systems or from normal wear and tear).

Towing Mechanism: all mechanical components fitted to trailer (excluding electrics and any damage to, or faults in any mechanical component fitted that is caused through misuse and incorrect servicing of the mechanical systems or from normal wear and tear).

Customer Support

In the unusual event of something going wrong during your first six (6) months, our Customer support team should always be contacted in the first instance. Trailblaze Trailers provide after sales support service and therefore are able to offer all the help you need to rectify any problems that may exist.

Terms and Conditions

Trailblaze Trailers Warranty Cover set out above is offered subject to the following simple terms and conditions:


                 1. During the term of the Warranty Cover, subject to these terms and conditions, Trailblaze Trailers will, at its option repair or replace all parts and
                     components of the Trailer that are included in the Warranty Cover and which suffer a defect in manufacture or workmanship. Any part which is replaced
                     becomes the property of Trailblaze Trailers. Any replacement parts are covered for the unexpired term of the Warranty Cover.


                 2. The duration of the Body shell Integrity Guarantee is six (6) months.

                 3. The unexpired term of the Warranty Cover on your trailer may only be assigned, transferred or novated to subsequent owners with Trailblaze Trailers
                     consent (not to be unreasonably withheld) and on payment to Trailblaze Trailers of a transfer fee of £25. Transfer can only be made within the first three
                     months (3) of subsequent ownership and will be provided at the time of assignment in accordance with the terms and conditions detailed above.


                 4. Trailblaze Trailers do advise that the trailer should undergo a full annual service and inspection by Trailblaze Trailers or a reputable trailer service

                 5. During the first six (6) months, if an inspection identifies that repairs to the trailer are necessary, the trailer must be made available for repair during the
                      warranty period within six (6) weeks of the date of that inspection for the purpose of carrying out the repair work.

                 6. During the first six (6) month warranty period, no repairs, including the fitting of any replacement units, may be undertaken or commenced under the
                     terms of the Warranty Cover unless prior written authorisation is obtained from Trailblaze Trailers. No liability will exist with regard to any warranty
                     claims not authorised in this way.

                 7. During the first six (6) month warranty period, Trailblaze Trailers reserve the right to examine the trailer before any warranty repairs commence or any
                     replacement part is fitted.

Registration & Use

                 8. The Certification and Warranty Registration Form will be provided on the day your trailer is delivered/collected by you.

                 9. The trailer shall:

                                  (a) only be used for its ordinary and intended purpose and shall not be subjected to any treatment or conditions which could reasonably be
                                         foreseen to cause or result in damage to the trailer or excessive wear and tear;

                                  (b) only be towed by a private car or private 4x4 vehicle; and

                                  (c) not be put out to hire, reward or any other commercial use, nor used in any race, competitions or rallies whether timed, official or otherwise.

Exclusions & Liability

                 10. Trailblaze Trailers liability under this warranty shall be limited to supplying the reasonable costs of labour and materials required for the repair or
                        replacement of faulty parts or components. Trailblaze Trailers shall be entitled to charge for any repair work which is necessitated by virtue of any loss
                        or damage caused by your negligence or default or incurred as a result of any modifications you have made to the trailer. This warranty does not cover
                        repair costs other than labour and materials.

                 11. The Warranty Cover does not include:

                                  (a) repair or replacement of parts, components, seams or panels which are not part of the original construction of the trailer, or which have been
                                         tampered with or undergone unauthorised modifications, or which have been repaired otherwise than by an authorised Service Centre;

                                  (b) parts or components other than those specifically listed in the Bodyshell Integrity Guarantee and Manufacturer's Warranty descriptions set out

                                  (c) general maintenance or components failing due to fair wear and tear or normal deterioration;

                                  (d) repairs necessitated by lack of routine or regular maintenance. Particular attention is drawn to any maintenance instructions or notices
                                        published from time to time by Trailblaze Trailers relating to the proper care and maintenance of our trailers; or

                                  (e) structural degradation or other damage caused by water ingress through non-permanently sealed seams or joints (such as, without
                                        limitation, around latches and lids), beyond the initial six (6) months of the Manufacturer’s Warranty.

                 12. No liability will be accepted for:

                                  (a) damage caused by neglect or abuse, corrosion, intrusion of foreign or deleterious substances, lack of servicing, over-heating, freezing, or the
                                         continued use of the trailer after a fault has become evident;

                                  (b) any loss or damage caused by parts not covered by this Warranty Cover, including light reflectors, bulbs, electrical cabling, latches, hinges;

                                  (c) any accidental or fire damage or any losses incurred by accident or fire; or

                                  (d) transport costs to and from point of repair.

                 13. Trailblaze Trailers will only be liable for costs which are incurred as a direct consequence of the event, defect or fault leading to the claim being made
                        under this warranty. No liability will be accepted for any other loss or damage (such as loss of income or revenue, or loss of business or profits),
                        costs, expenses or other claims for compensation howsoever arising which was not reasonably foreseeable by both parties when the trailer was
                        originally purchased. Trailblaze Trailers will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by third parties, nor for bodily injury not caused by our

                 14. Nothing in this warranty shall limit in any way our liability: for death or personal injury caused by our negligence; for fraud or fraudulent
                        misrepresentation; or for any matter for which it would be illegal for us to exclude, or attempt to exclude, our liability.

                 15. The purchaser has statutory rights in addition to this warranty and this warranty does not affect those statutory rights.

                 16. This warranty shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and the parties irrevocably submit to the non-exclusive
                        jurisdiction of the courts of England.

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