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Frequently Asked Questions:


Question (1): Can I tow a trailer on any license?

                Answer: Holders of a provisional license are strictly prohibited from towing any trailer. Drivers who passed their car test before 1st January 1997, shoul

                have entitlement B+E C1+E as listed on point 9 of the driving license, this entitles you to drive vehicles with a G.V.W. up to 7500Kg and tow any trailer
                provided the combined G.V.W. of the towing vehicle and trailer is less than 8250Kg.

                Driver’s who passed car test after 1st January 1997, can drive a vehicle with a G.V.W. of 3500Kg with less than 8 seats. They can also tow any trailer with
                G.V.W. of up to 750Kg provided:

                             -The G.V.W. of the towing vehicle is 2 x the G.V.W of the trailer
                             -The combined G.V.W. of the towing vehicle and trailer is below 3500Kg

                If you passed your driving test after 1st January 1997 you will have to take an additional test to tow a trailer in excess of G.V.W. of 750KG

Question (2): Will my road tax be increased if I start towing trailers?

                Answer: No additional road fund license is required for motor cars or light commercial vehicles towing trailers.

Question (3): Will I be insured to tow a trailer?

                Answer: Generally most vehicle insurance policies cover third party liabilities when towing a trailer or caravan. However, we would always recommend
                additional cover is arranged for theft and contents. Most companies who have trailers hold the driver responsible for the trailer value.

Question (4): Can I order my trailer from you in a colour I want – which is not part of your standard range?

                Answer: Yes, we can prepare the trailer you order from us – in any colour you want at a small additional cost. Feel free to contact us to discuss your
                specific requirements in more detail.

Question (5): Do all of your trailers come with lockable lids as standard?

                Answer: Yes, all our trailers come with lockable lids as standard

Question (6):
Can I transport passengers in my trailer or caravan?

                Answer: Transporting passengers in any trailer or caravan is strictly prohibited!

Question (7): I need a new trailer, can I exchange my old trailer?

                Answer: At the moment, we cannot exchange your old trailer for a new one, but do have plans to consider this at a future date.

Question (8): Do you hire trailers?

                Answer: At the moment, we do not hire trailers, but do have plans to consider this at a future date

Question (9):Do you have branches or dealerships abroad?

                Answer: At the moment, we do not have branches or dealerships abroad, but do have plans during 2014 to expand with dealerships.

Question (10): Which is the best way to protect my trailer?

                Answer: All our trailers come standard – with integrated coupling and monocoque/nose cone locks. There are also a number of different ways to protect
                your trailer, all of which can be cost effective and can potentially save you from losing thousands of pounds in investment. These, we are happy to discuss
                with you further – should you contact us.

Question (11): Do I have Alko or Knott Brakes?

                Answer: There are two commonly used brake back plates, Alko & Knott. Even though both operations are similar, each type requires different settings.
                There are two common ways to differentiate between the two brakes. The first way would be to check the compensator, an Alko compensator has a swage
                end which fits on the Bowden cable, and a Knott compensator has locknuts. Another way to identify your brakes would be the way that you adjust them,
                Alko brakes has a star wheel on the back-plate which needs adjusting by screwdriver, where as the Knott back-plate has an adjuster nut for spanner

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